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RecRev OKTAVE – Update

OKTAVE Multi-Axis Interface If you like horizontal tricks or tricks involving axis changes, this yoyo is for you. Coming soon, very soon. These will be released at 44Clash in Tokyo, Japan! Not entirely sure what Multi-Axis Interface but it sounds cool. I would love to know more. UPDATE: Just got the “more” Most people will…

RecRev Oscillatrix

This was pointed out to me at the YoYoExpert online store. RecRev Oscillatrix Stats: Diameter: 52.12 mm / 2.05 inches Width: 42.44 mm / 1.67 inches Gap Width: 4.79 mm / .19 inches Weight: 65 grams Bearing Size: Crucial Grooved Bearing Response: Silicone Price: $62.99 >> Source YoYoExpert.com Color me interested

RecRev Sharp

Here is the RecRev Sharp. The GlassLab had some pictures of it but I didn’t have the specs or any other details. It dropped at YoYoExpert today and if I say so myself it quite a looker. Pictures by YoYoExpert Diameter: 55.9 mm / 2.20 inches Width: 41.6 mm / 1.64 inches Gap Width: 4.66…

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