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AYYA: 10 Years and Throwing – The Unreleased Documentary

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A few years ago, the American Yo-Yo Association hired the very talented Seth of Save Deth team and Miguel Correa collaborated with some if the most talented players in the industry to tell the story of the 10 year transition from responsive play to modern unresponsive play.  Prior to the DVD release, the AYYA dissolved and the duties absorbed by the National YoYo League.  The DVD was printed and produced but never saw a release due to a legal constriction the NYYL found itself in. 
After talking it over with the NYYL heads, they have agreed to release the documentary on YoYoSkills.com to allow everyone to view it for free. 
Without further ado, I present the unreleased AYYA documentary – 10 Years and Throwing

Save Deth x ZHats Flat bill Stars Hat

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Save Deth flat bill hats are here!

Known for their apparel and DVDs, Save Deth has branched out into headwear. In collaboration with Z Hats, the first offering is a snapback hat with a new “Stars” graphic on the crown and brim. These are sure to go fast, so grab one while you can.
Price = $25 (Plus S&H)

SAVE DETHcember Episode 4: Danny Severance- Born to Lose

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Final Save DETHcember –

Danny Severance embodies a mentality to yo-yoing that few have harnessed. The uncanny knack for continuously blazing new trails with tricks and concepts for the pure enjoyment of it. Danny doesn’t compete. He doesn’t care about sponsorships. He plays yo-yo because it’s a creative outlet for ideas. In the past 4 years, I have had the privilege of watching his trick theory grow and develop into one of the most unique, classic yo-yo styles I’ve seen since Spencer Berry.
– Seth Peterson

>> SaveDeth Blog – Megabus

SAVEDETHcember Episode 3: SIDxBERGY

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Pushing the boundaries of ideas and concepts is such an exciting thing to
see. Whether it be in art, music, skateboarding, whatever you’re into, it
invokes a sense of discovery for both the performer and the audience. That’s
one of the things I love about yo-yoing. Few players are pushing the
bounds of what can be done with a yo-yo more then Sid and Bergy.

These guys don’t stop. Ever. Every time I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out
with either of them, I am always excited to see their new stuff, and just
collaborate together on dope concepts. My trip to New York City was no

More then their abilities with a yo-yo, I respect their attitude and drive
to yo-yo. For the freedom, creativity and genuine passion of this toy we all
seem to gravitate too. Enjoy.

– Seth Peterson

>> SaveDeth Blog – Megabus

SAVE DETHcember Episode 2: Elliot Jackson

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Visiting Boston, and Elliot Jackson’s environment, it’s no surprise his creative output is so rich. Sharing a house with an animator, film makers and a musician, in the outskirts of Boston, how can you NOT be inspired.

Elliot is one of the most creative yo-yoers I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with on the road. Beyond his uncanny ability with yo-yoing, he has an amazing eye for design. You’ve seen his package art on the CLYW Avalanche and signature colorway packages, but he also has his hand in web and print media.

He has a knack for doing tricks that are both technical and visually interesting. So many people are only interested in going big, or getting super technical, but Elliot is one of the few to seamlessly mix the two in a smooth, organic way.
– Seth Peterson

>> SaveDeth BlogMegabus

Team Chubby Lovin’ – Chicago

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I had this in the round-up, but decided to pull it out because of something that happened when I was watching it this morning with my daughter. It is funny enough that the video’s needs to stand alone.
I was watching the video with my 4 year old daughter and she sees Abe in his 1992 biker jacket and says “OHh he’s hot!”… don’t get any funny idea’s Abe, I am pretty sure she was referring to your jacket.

You can follow Team Chubby Lovin’ at the Caribou Blog and the Save Deth blog

These Belong in a Museum -Save Deth Digital Video Cameras

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SaveDeth is selling its two Video Cameras used for capturing all those incredible quality shots from SaveDeth Vol.II.

The two models are the Panasonic DVX-100a  and Panasonic DVX-100b and the Save Deth crew are blowing them out at $1000 and $1200 (respectively).

This is well below average price for a used model of this quality.  If you want a great quality mini DV Camera for a great price, jump on these before someone else does.  These guys are nuts for giving these up. What is says to me?  It says that the new cameras they got must be exceptional quality which means that the next SaveDeth video is going to rock.

>>Save Deth

Save Deth Volume III Issue 1? Wait… WHAT?

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Volume 3? ISSUE 1? ORLY?

Didn’t hear any talk about it a BAC yesterday, but as I was going through the pictures this caught my eye. Volume 3 is easy, it means a new volume of Save Deth DVD’s, but Issue 1? In the past Save Deth has used the term “Chapter” to indicate same series DVD’s. An Issue implies two things.
#1. There will be more than one
#2. It will not be just a DVD.
Well color me interested.

Save Deth’s – Instant Travels

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The Save Deth crew have spent the last few years traveling around the country, filming yo-yo footage, and living the dream. Along the way, they have stayed true to their vintage lifestyle and shot a great deal of Polaroid Instant Film shots. I personally have always loved the warmth and nostalgic look that an photographing with old Polaroid camera’s produce.
Well Seth and Dave have decided that it is time to collect these images and publish them into a book. Instant Travels is currently in production and will highlight unedited scans of Seth and Dave’s Polaroids.
Current goal is to have this available at the World Yo-Yo Contest in August.

One goal we set for this book was to stay as true to the analog ethos of instant photography. The only photoshopping we did was to remove dust from the scanned images. No color adjustments. No boosting contrasts. Just pure photos, exactly how they came out of the camera.

>> Save Deth blog for more

Save Deth “Show us your Mongu” Contest

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Save Deth has gotten out the Mongu hoodie to MANY stores now and have declared it Mongu Hunting season.  Grab that Mongu Hoodie and your camera and make like Peter Parker because the “Show us your Mongu” contest it on.

So heres how it works…

Post some rad pictures (or videos) of you in your Mongu Hoodie. No limits here!

Then, every so often we go through and pick some of the best and hook them up with Save Deth Product (Stickers, Buttons, DVDs and T-Shirt)! SWEET Afro

We aren’t going to set an end date for this, just award stuff as we go… so be as insane and creative as you can!

Head on over to SaveDeth to find out more!

CLYW Gnarwhal and Sasquatch on Save Deth

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I am only going to post one picture here on YoYoSkills, but if you want to see more of these two new AMAZING yoyos from CLYW, then hit the link below (or the picture above) and jump to the CLYW SaveDeth Blog!

CLYW Gnarwhal and Sasquatch Prototypes - Picture used with permission

The Gnarwhal and Sasquatch are basically the same design idea, but the Sasquatch has a larger width and diameter.  I have been told that the two play completely different.

For more pictures and a detailed writeup, head on over to SaveDeth.com and read Seth’s more detailed write up.


Save Deth FHZ Caps

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Save Deth makes a few of these vinyl stickers for FHZ caps a few times a year and they ALWAYS sell out quickly.  They have just put up 10 sets ready to sell to you for the low cost of $4 bucks a pair.  (Note, FHZ Caps not included, these are cap stickers)


Save Deth Goodies DROPPING NOW

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12 hoodies on the 12th of December at Noon, central time
Did you miss the Mongu Hoodie rush on Black Friday? Good news for you.
Save Deth has another batch of the custom made hoodies and is putting them up this weekend.
Also coming are some really nice Save Deth stickers that fit perfectly on a FHZ cap.

UPDATE: Save Deth has created this killer Grab bag BOX with tons of goodies and a real low price.  Check out the store for more details
Keep an eye on both the Save Deth Twitter and the Save Deth Website for the drop on the 12th of December at Noon, central time.

ALSO: Check the  Save Deth Twitter for Coupons and Deals.