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Slusny NEST

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From a thread on YoYoExpert:

Something like 10 months ago, you maybe saw first prototype pictures of NEST, yo-yo designed by Petr Kavka. After few different prototypes, looking for best manufacturer, trying different materials( in the end, it is made from 7075!) and after long waiting, Nest is finally coming to full production. Right now, they are just waiting to get anodized and to get finished boxes(which will be also really nice looking) and are ready to go for sale.

Specs(not exact):
Diameter: 59 mm
Width: 44 mm
Weight: 66 g
Bearing: Size C, Centrac
Response: CBC pad
Material: 7075 Aluminium

Fully made in Czech Republic

Price will be around 120$

Alicia Keys “Wait til you See my Smile” Music Video

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You may be asking, “Chris, Why are you putting an Alicia Keys music video on YoYoSkills?”
Well dear reader of whom I adore, this particular Alicia Keys music video spotlights a large group of talented individuals doing what they do, including the Slusny.net team. YoYoing in a mainstream music video. Thats why!
Speaking of Slusny.net, where did they go?

dot 70p – SANATORIUM promo video

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I am breaking my own video rules to show you this. It was mind blowing.

Other than jaw dropping visuals, I really want to know where they got the YoYo Hero shirt

From the Film Makers –

Everyone Knows That yoyo United duo known as Sleeperz ( Robert Kucera and Zdenek Hýbl ) is “Taking part in United talent show and Slovak But Almost Nobody Knows That They Were Recently shooting a promo video for new United Company yoyo yoyo dot . They Filmed the video at The Far Siberia, in the Former Soviet sanatorium.

The Boys and The Crew Were surprised by a few strange sounds During the Filming. At First They did not Pay Any Attention and sounds he blamed the dilapidation of the old building. But then strange things began to happen. Shadows started to show up in Places Where It Could not logically show. In the end Revealed WAS the fact, That all the strange stuff is done by a group of ghosts of dead Nazi and Soviet soldiers Which Were Making Fun of the Whole Crew.

Unique footage and Photographs Taken During the shooting Survived tough Siberian winter and thanks to SLUSNY.net You Can Watch it right now.

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