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SPYY – Thanks and farewell

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SPYY, formally Saturn Precision Yo-Yos, makers of some of the most awesome yoyos every made, host to a team of spectacular players and an all around bunch of likable folks shut their doors.
The announcement went out in the form of a press release and today, a post on the SPYY website.

We’re closing shop.

A big thanks to the stores for investing in SPYY, to the players that choose to throw SPYY, to the team members that represented SPYY and especially to my lovely wife, Suzanne who helped make it all happen. It was a good run, so thanks. I’ll be forever grateful. I hope to see you all soon.

Steve, Mr Buffel, you sir are a legend, and your product will be missed greatly from the yo-yo world.

Meanwhile I am sure that yoyo companies are scrambling over each other to recruit the SPYY talent which included Sebby,Ed Haponik, Gary Longoria, Guy Wright, Alexis, Devon Jackson, Joey Fleshman, Nate Sutter and Lilia Markham.

Epic yoyos by spyy included the Pistolero, Pure (SO MANY EDITION OF GLORY) Addict, and many many others.

What was your favorite SPYY yoyo? YoYoSkills would like to know.

TMBR x SPYY???????

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So you know that yo-yo that Spyy made for Ed Haponik? The Eh?
Well we all know about TMBR toys and the incredible work Colin is doing. Looks like there may be something in the works with TMBR and SPYY.

From TMBR’s Facebook:

Assembly in progress, laser soon.

Combined it with this one

Off to Canada.

and I think we are seeing the Spyy Eh, made by TMBR, hopefully ready for release in the near future! No word if they come with a Levi tuxedo and a gallon of maple syrup.

Spyy El Ranchero Revealed!

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I saw this floating around and it was also emailed to me (Thanks “S”).  It is the previously unseen Spyy El Ranchero.  When I reached out to Steve, he emailed this to me also!

The Pistolero inspired hub is killer.  I bet this plays all sorts of dreamy.

SPYY Dynamo

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SPYY has unveiled their newest yo-yo, the Dynamo.

From SPYY’s website:

This yoyo represents a fresh start, a new journey of sorts. It’s inception lead us searching to unravel something unique… something as equally mind blowing as Nate’s approach to his art. The result of this journey is nothing less than stunning and a rare gem to behold.

The dynamo is presented in three colorways, each with two engraving combinations: the “Fox & Hare” and the “Pelican & Crane”.

The amazing Dynamo’s specifications are as follows:
Diameter: 55mm
Weight: 66.5 grams
Width: 44mm
Gap Width: 4.25mm
Bearing Size: stainless steel, large “C”, dry
Response: CBC slim pads (accepts flowable silicone)
Engravings: Comes in a combination of “Fox & Hare” or “Pelican & Crane”.
Finish: Beadblasted and anodized black/gold, orange/silver, champagne/blue.
String: yellow 100% polyester

More pictures can be found here.

SPYY Spyder 2

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The Spyder 2 by SPYY has finally been unveiled. From SPYY.ca:

We’re back from a long break in yoyo production and are excited to tell you of our first release for 2012, the new (and highly anticipated) Spyder 2! This yoyo is an all new and modernized version of the popular Spyder, which was originally released at the 2009 World Yo-Yo Contest. We decided to reintroduce this undersized yoyo after many requests from loyal SPYY fans.

The new version maintains it’s distinctive wide profile shape that makes the Spyder so fun, but also includes many improvements to suit today’s style of play, plus one extra and unique feature… a DUAL THUMB GRIND LIP! Now players can hone their grinding skills with this yoyo’s awesome profile and fun dual lip!

SPYY Wooden “Eh”

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This has to be the fabled wooden yo-yo SPYY is making for Ed.

these are not for sale. they are not being produced. making this kind of fixed axle yo-yo is time consuming and not cost-effective. i have a spare and steve has one of his own, but beyond that, there are no plans to revisit this on any kind of scale. my apologies if you were hoping they’d be on yoyoexpert for $19.99 or something.

So I am sharing this for the “eh” of it. SPYY has no intention to release it, I just think it is cool.

365 YoYo Tricks is Expanding the Team

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As you all should hopefully know by now, the legendary Steve Brown has been guiding us through an entire year, offering us a new trick every single day. I’m sure I’m not alone here, but I look forward to seeing the new video Steve has uploaded for the day. Well, Unkle Steve’s almost done for this year, and he’s announced he’s adding some people to the 365 yoyo tricks team to help him out on this tremendous project for next year.

Here’s what he has to say in his own words.

I started this project in January 2011 as a personal challenge: could I keep up with filming and posting an original trick every day for a year?
Three hundred and forty nine days later the project has not missed a single day and I was awarded the Trick Innovator of the Year award by the National Yo-Yo Museum and Contest for my work on the site. How could I top that? Answer: More players!

Representing YoYo Factory will be David Ung and Steve Brown himself. Representing Duncan will be Drew Tetz. And representing SPYY will be Ed Haponik, Nate Sutter, and… oh, Sebastian Brock. You read that right, Sebastian Brock is now on team SPYY. Cool.

This is one killer team!

Ed Haponik vows 2012 is Fixed – Video Update

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Ed Haponik knows his wood yoyos. On his blog, he gives away his plan for the the 2012 year. His plan is:

no bearings for a year, no metal for a year, no unresponsive for a year

Why is this news? Well #1, Ed is arguably the most talented fixed axle player currently yoyoing. and #2 Ed is arguably the most talented fixed axle player currently yoyoing.
With so many incredible yoyos out on the market and planned to be released, this is an awesome and frightening goal. Ed, my hat off to you. One yo-yo for an entire year, and that yo-yo being a wood fixed axle. Incredible.

You can read the full blog post on Ed’s Blog and keep and eye on SPYY’s website. They may release the info for the wood yo-yo Ed will be using. At this time it is unknown if it will be sold publicly.

For those that don’t know Ed or where he is coming from, this is a great video to put it in perspective

Friday’s After the Jump Videos

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After the Jump Yo-Yo Videos

Welcome to our regular bi-weekly feature called “After the Jump Yo-Yo Videos ” where great yo-yo video’s thoughout the week will be collected and shown in one big post.

After the Jump:

  • Scene Slaughter – Daniel Reifenberger
  • In The Dark – Gentry Stein
  • Christmas Jam – Chuck
  • SPYY Supra ft. Zannix Wong
  • Scratch Sky
  • Guardian – Austin Peacock
  • Continue reading