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TMBR Toys – Turner

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Round and classic, but I don’t want to say “old timey”. Turner’s gap is tall and straight, with a small cutaway to give a similar feel and catch like Baldwin, but a bit more stable on a trapeze. 58 grams 2-1/4″ diameter 1-3/8″ width 1/8″ gap Standard walnut axle and cap. *Exotic wood axle and cap are now available* Peace! Love! Wood!

Being a huge fan of all things TMBR, I think this model is a piece of art. Colin is now offering axle hand turned Exotic Wood axle kits also!


TMBR x SPYY???????

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So you know that yo-yo that Spyy made for Ed Haponik? The Eh?
Well we all know about TMBR toys and the incredible work Colin is doing. Looks like there may be something in the works with TMBR and SPYY.

From TMBR’s Facebook:

Assembly in progress, laser soon.

Combined it with this one

Off to Canada.

and I think we are seeing the Spyy Eh, made by TMBR, hopefully ready for release in the near future! No word if they come with a Levi tuxedo and a gallon of maple syrup.


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From TMBR Toys:

A bold statment. With a smaller diameter than previous offerings, a rounded profile, and small interior step, BALDWIN is perfect for stalls and regenerations. The most dramatic addition is the inlaid Dado Caps, which give a visual indication of spin speed for stalls.


Maple body, Walnut Dado Cap

Walnut axle

54 grams*

1 3/8 inch width

2 1/8 inch diameter

Peace, love, and wood.

*Specs may vary. Seriously, wood is a natural material.

Lincoln by TMBR Toys

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TMBR Toys, super wood yoyos maker, chief architect of bio twirly tops on strings and friend of YoYoSkills.com presents their new throw, the Lincoln

In case you are not sure what it is you are looking at, that is a board that has pieces of the yo-yo laser cut. I imagine you snap the parts out and put it together like this.

Oh, it is square also.
I need one for every desk in my house.
Colin said it will be available soon.

TMBR Fremont

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TMBR have unveiled their newest yo-yo, the Fremont.

After many long hours, and a huge pile of wrecked hardware and scrapped wood, the FREMONT is finished. It’s a more classic shape. Same dimpled response as IRVING, but it comes apart. I know it’s not really that exciting of a change, but it took a lot of effort to make this one happen. TMBR goodness.

TMBR Yo-Yo Art

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Colin Leland recently had an Art Show where he gave artists from varying backgrounds a TMBR Irving and told them to go wild. Here are some of the results!

All of these are for sale at the PlayTmbr website.

” Oh YO You Didn’t” – TMBR Yo-Yo Art Show

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Also, this is the new Purple Heart IRVING (TMBR Toys)

This is pretty cool. Colin over at TMBR toys got his yoyos into the hands of a bunch of artists, musicians, and designers and is having them do whatever there creative minds can come up with.

Thursday, October 6 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm

SoHiTek Gallery
NW 6th st, between Flanders and Everret
Portland, OR

Colin is going to take alot of pictures for us. I will post them on YoYoSkills when they come in.

Here is the Facebook Page for the event


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Ladies and Gentlemen, its Fixed axle CHALLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGE time.

Our first contestant, Hailing from Silver Spring, Maryland. Former poofy hair yo-yo wizard, throwing the Duncan Butterfly… DREW TETZ

And his opponent, hailing from Huntersville, North Carolina. Current Jumping while Eli Hopping chapion, throwing a TMBR Toys wood, ED HAPONIK


:captured: TMBR Toys

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These beautiful all wood yo-yos were made by Colin Leland’s new start up, TMBR toys. He hand turned these beauties and tested every single one. This is the first wood yo-yo I have ever used that I reliably and consistently can do tricks like Spirit Bomb, Suicide, Plastic Whip and Boingy Boing on. The lighter colored yo-yo is made of Mable with a Walnut axle, and the darker colored one is Walnut with a Walnut axle. The little hole near the axle is to assist you to dig out string knots. Colin plans to sell them on his website at PlayTMBR.com. The site is still in progress, so in the mean time you an friend TMBR Toys on Facebook to stay up to date on TMBR Toys developments.

Without a doubt, one of the best wood yoyos I have ever tried.