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Werrd 2K13 Hour

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Werrd uploaded pictures of the new Hour to their Facebook page.

Source: Werrd’s Facebook page

Sneaky pic – 2K13 HOUR – Release at Japan Nationals

One more for the road. Could we improve on the HOUR? We thought so. Here’s the result.


Since you guys asked so nicely. Here’s a gap view. Werrd up!

Andrews Interview / Review of The Tre by Werrd and Eric Tranton

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The Tre is Eric Tranton’s signature model featuring a simplistic exterior designed for elite 3A performance. In the competitive realm of the yoyo market, this yoyo meets a common $100.00 price point, but can it stack up to other popular models that specialize in 1A play? Continue reading to catch up on the latest interview with Eric Tranton as we discuss his design.
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The Sentinel by Werrd

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The Sentinel is the signature yoyo of Werrd Alliance player Mark Allen. The Sentinel will be available as a full release at Werrlds, however an unpackaged pre-release will be available for sale at Triple Crown. Designed to meet the needs and preferences of Mark Allen, the Sentinel is BIG. This yoyo is no gimmick, though, we’ve worked relentlessly to perfect the feel of this yoyo by distributing weight to create the perfect balance of stability and spin time while keeping the yoyo feeling agile and balanced on the string. It does all of this while maintaining a level of aesthetic beauty that few yoyos could hope to achieve.

62 mm in diameter
44 mm wide
68 grams
CBC slim pads
Crucial 2 bearing comes stock
Nickel plated for the pre-release
$100 for Triple Crown Pre-Release only.

Check out more pictures at the Werrd Blog.

WERRD Line Drops at YoYoExpert!

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Finally here in the States.

All at YoYoExpert, just hit up the link.
>> WERRD at YoYoExpert.com

Werrd BEEF  
Price: $99.99
The BEEF by Werrd is a completely new direction in metal yo-yos with a stainless steel rim!
  Werrd Pacquiao  
Price: $89.00
The amazing Werrd Pacquiao may be light weight but it sure does pack a punch!
  Werrd Rozzor  
Price: $89.00
Australian manufacturer WERRD and Indoensian ‘superstar’ Oke Rosgana collide for a completely new shape, look, and feel.