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Obligatory World Yo-Yo Contest post – LIVE STREAM + TWEETS #WYYC

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#WYYC or #WYYC2013

Since 2009 YoYoSkills.com has covered the World Yo-Yo Contest.  This weekend will be no different.  The World Yo-Yo Contest begins August 8th and goes through Saturday August 10th.  YoYoers from all over the world will be in attendance and yo-yo companies will be showing off new products. I wish I was there, and one day perhaps I will be.
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Worlds ’13 revealed this week on YoYoRadio

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For a while there, 2013 was starting to look like a “Year of Two Worlds”. The World Yo-Yo Contest in Florida and “Worlds’13” in the Czech Republic were scheduled on the same day and seperated by the Atlantic Ocean. Lines started to cross in the yo-yo world as players began declaring that they were True to Worlds in Florida, or Making the Change to the Euro scene. Some saw Worlds’13 as needed and welcome change. Some saw it as Mafia style strong arming against Greg. Big names started to form on both sides. I have actually been getting ready to write teh article “A Case for Two Worlds” when rumors started flying that Worlds’13 may not happen, or that it would be a week apart from the traditional contest. It was even speculated that the event would be a co-op in two locations, relying heavly on broadband for dual site judging. The situation is full of rumor and speculation and players who are looking to get a jump on cheap airfare are looking at the Czech or Florida. This Friday on YoYoRadio all the rumors get cleared up. Joe, Tom and AJ will be talking to Ondrej Sedivy, Rafael Matsunaga and Hironori Mii. The three international yoyoers, two of which are National Masters will make an announcement on YoYoRadio about the future of the World Yo-Yo Competitions.

YoYoRadio will be the first place this info goes public and it all starts at 9:30PM EST

If you’d like to talk to them during our live show, you no longer need Skype – you can call them at that’s (302)319-YOYO! (302-319-9696) If you want to listen to the show LIVE, it airs (almost) every Friday night at 9:30pm EST. If you a in a computer, click this link HERE. If you on an iPhone, click this link HERE, and if you have an android phone, download “Just Playlists” and click HERE and select”Just Playlists” as the application.

Easy as that!
YoYoRadio Facebook is also good for some socialocity.

Who made it to 1a and 5a Finals? #wyyc

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1A – (NOTE: I have not heard if all “seeded” players are in attendance) 

  1. Pong Si Yee Peter
  2. Shinya Kido
  3. Izuru Hasumi
  4. Benson Fok
  5. Tatsuya Fujisaka
  6. Takeshi Matsuura
  7. Gentry Stein
  8. Ryota Ogi
  9. Paolo Bueno
  10. Zach Gormley
  11. Ricardo Marechal (seeded)
  12. Tomas Bubak (seeded)
  13. Francesco Gioia (seeded)
  14. Hiroyuki Suzuki (seeded)
  15. Wong Kin Kwan(Zannix) (seeded)
  16. Vilmos Zoltan Kiss (seeded)
  17. Luis Enrique Villasenor (seeded)
  18. Christopher Chia (seeded)
  19. Harold Owens III (seeded)
  20. Marcus KOH (seeded)

5A – (NOTE: I have not heard if all “seeded” players are in attendance) 

  1. Hideo Ishida
  2. Hiroyasu Ishihara
  3. Tyler Severance
  4. Maya Nakamura
  5. Miguel Correa
  6. Naoya Takeuchi
  7. Gabriel Pedrosa (seeded)
  8. Takuma Inoue (seeded)
  9. Ko Kwan Ho(Denny) (seeded)
  10. Samm Scott (seeded)
  11. Takeshi MATSUURA (seeded)

World Yo-Yo Contest Tweets and Achieved Stream

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During Worlds we here at YoYoSkills.com will be broadcasting the live stream from the World Yo-Yo Contest.  In the mean time if your headed to Worlds and want to tweet your experiences, use the #WYYC tag.  

The video feed archive is at the WYYC Ustream Account

Live TWEETerage – VIDEO – CHAT of WYYC 2010 #wyyc

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Just Tweet with any of these Hash Tags “#” to appear on the feed: wyyc OR #WYYC OR #WYYC2010 OR WYYC2010

Archived video can be found HERE – http://www.ustream.tv/channel/world-yo-yo-contest-2010

yoyoRe:Creation Blowing up Worlds (and ThrowDevice.jp)

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Over on ThrowDevice.jp, they have what I think, are the new models yoyoRe:Creation is bringing to Worlds.

Hiro from YoYoNews.jp provided me with some translation

[Overdrive – meets Ryota Ogi.
Size up Sleipnir (1g weight up) version. Feeling quite light weight for.
Thirdimpact [] meets Kengo Kido.
Principal owner signature rainy day. Overdrive and similar in size, and Dreadnought crashes between weight (72g). Three-tier structure like Max Bet.

Tatsuya vs Roan Series
[Blink] meets Tatsuya Fujisaka.
Stardust weight up. Stardust different from any other weight.
[E = mc ² – meets Hiro Irifune.


1 week from today, the World Yo-Yo Contest 2010

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The 2010 World Yo-Yo Contest will be held in Orlando Florida at the Rosen Plaza Hotel.

This amazing collection of the most skilled yo-yo players happens August 12th, 13th, and 14th.

The hall will open Wednesday evening August 11th, with competition starting on Thursday morning August 12th and will close about 11pm on Saturday August 14th. There will be no events on Sunday August 15th.

Just like Last Year, YoYoSkills.com will have both a live Twitter feed (using the code #WYYC) and a Live Stream from the floor of the contest event.  On Monday I will start the Twitter feed so everyone that is traveling to Worlds can Tweet about the trip getting there.

Good luck everyone!

YoYoGuy.com Uploads TONS of WYYC goodies

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TONS of Proto’s and Exclusives ended up at the World YoYoContest, and if you missed out on the fun, here is your chance.  Add in the $1 shipping promo, and it is almost as as good as hitting the sales floor yourself!

Available NOW at YoYoGuy.com  (Just click the pictures)
EnemeNight Moves 5 SEAtmosphere SEStardustGold CutWorlds Project 2 SE2009 Swirly SE2009 WYYC Skyy ChaserSave Deth Volume 22009 World Yo-Yo Contest Event T-Shirt

In Order, ENEME,Night Moves 5, Atmosphere, Stardust II, WYYC Cut, WYYC P2,  Big Brother Swirly, Spyy Skychaser, Save Deth Vol. II, WYYC Shirt

Spyy Sky Chaser Save Deth Vol II WYYC 2009 Shirt