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Review | X-Cube ZeuS

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Alex Val is a good friend of YoYoSkills.com. Before he spun up his own yo-yo manufacturing business, he provided a handful of tutorials for some very advanced tricks. It wasn’t long before Alex got picked up by Rollout, BIST, and then spun off to form his own company, X-Cube or X3 for short. X3 has had two very strong designs under their belt, and this last winter, they released two more: the La Goutte, and the ZeuS. Reviewing yoyos from friends can be tough, but Alex has made this easy on me by making all of his products awesome. Case in point, the ZeuS. Alex sent me a ZeuS to play with and play with it I did. For the last week I haven’t been able to put this weird, funky yo-yo down.
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Product Review – The Steamroller by X^3

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I don’t normally like to do a full review on a prototype yo-yo. It leaves to much speculation and unknown factors in place, but when Alex aka Xela showed me the Steamroller I knew I had to review this thing as soon as possible. Alex is a very active member of the yoyo world. He has a long history with yoyos and is a friend of YoYoSkills. He is a regular in the tutorial boards and is on several yoyo company teams. Recently Alex a new yo-yo company called X^3 (X-Cube). X-Cube’s flagship model is a yo-yo unlike any other on the market. When I saw the picture of the first prototype, I had to pull my jaw off the floor. The Steamroller landed on my doorstep with a thud about a month ago, and it has been calling my name for blood and review ever since. “Feed me Dr. Yo-Yo! FEED MEEEE!!!!!”
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Friday – After the Jump Video’s

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After the Jump Yo-Yo Videos

Welcome to our regular bi-weekly feature called “After the Jump Yo-Yo Videos ” where great yo-yo video’s thoughout the week will be collected and shown in one big post.

After the Jump:

  • Bedsheets and Christmas Lights
  • Tracks by Joe Wilson
  • Jensen Kimmitt – The Pirate Boat Freestyle (LANGUAGE WARNING)
  • Maru / Woodz from YYF&SHAQLER – Loop900 Video
  • Through my eyes, by Xela X³
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