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Doc’s Review | The Forte by MonkeyFingeR – Mike Montgomery’s signature yo-yo

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Note: This is a new format.  if you want to know more about the new review format, please see this post here.

When I first heard that Mike Montgomery was picked up by MonkleyFingeR I was really excited. I have known Mike for a few years and have loved his enthusiasm, uniqueness, and skill level.  Mike has a keen eye for knowing what he likes in a yo-yo.  His previous signature yo-yo’s, the BaseBoost and Beast, were  perfect designs for his technical yet flowy play-style but failed to have enough exposure to catch on.  His new yo-yo from MonkeyFingeR is the Forte and was recently released.   Ray was kind enough to get one in my hands.

Note about Mike though: The kid snores like a truck…  Jus’ saying.


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Gentry Stein’s new signature yo-yo, The Shutter

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A yo-yo that has been teased and rumored about for a while now.  The YoYoFactory Shutter finally made its public debut at the World YoYo Championship in the hands of Gentry Stein.  I managed to meet up with Mr. Stein prior to Worlds and give it a test run.

In the center of the cup is a well about a sixth of an inch deep. The rims of that inner cup flair out. This design should assist in horizontal finger grinds. The overall shape is a departure from Gentry’s current lineup, but compliments his playstyle well. No word yet on price or release timeline.


  • Diameter: 55.9mm
  • Width: 44.3mm
  • Weight: 67.9 grams
  • Bearing: C Sized

Yo-Yo Adventure Teaser ft. 8-bit Humphrey

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Yo-Yo Adventure Teaser ft. 8-bit Humphrey

This may not seem like a huge deal but I felt a real sense of accomplishment with how far it has come. I have been messing around with game creation for a while now and not really getting anywhere. I have always wanted to get into game design. I have dabbled a bit here and there but never really got serious. The last few days I dove deep again and started teaching myself the basics and this is the result. It is very very basic and just a teaser at this point, but someday I hope to make it an actual yo-yo themed adventure game.
Who better to be the Hero in our YoYoSkills adventure than 8-bit Humphrey the 2011 Cal States mascot!

Music by Doc Pop
Amazon link for Doc Pop’s Album

Worlds Largest Handheld Yo-Yo (v2.0)

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Dramatically reduced the Gap
Increased the weight
Added weight rings
Thanks to the Lincoln Fire Department for letting me use the Training Tower.

There is no way throw a yo-yo this size and weight hard enough to get it to return all the way back to the hand, so My goal was to get it to return at least 70%. I think I accomplished that (and a little bit more).
I think if I was on a Crane and didn’t have to try to keep the yo-yo from hitting the side of the structure, it might have come up farther.
This is the final version.
Worlds Largest Handheld Yo-Yo (v2.0)

Artist: Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP
Song: We No Speak Americano

Kenny Strasser to appear on “The Office”

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Inset yellow baseball cap here

Yeah, exactly…. Kenny Strasser, internet celeb thanks to a clever act portrayed on many news stations, has landed a role on hit prime-time show, The Office.

So says Joanne Park, a publicist for the network.

Strasser is actually Mark Proksch of Milwaukee. In May, Strasser duped stations in Green Bay and Madison, as well as a station in Missouri, into booking him as a yo-yo master who loves kids. In the appearances, it became readily apparent Proksch was more performance artist than yo-yo master.

Park says Proksch has landed the part of “Nate” in the popular comedy, and will help Dwight Schrute, played by actor Rainn Wilson, as a handyman.

Park said Proksch is expected to appear in his first episode next Thursday, and would be in an undetermined number of upcoming episodes.

>> Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

Hyper Yo-Yo Bags

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I want seven of them.

From YoYoStoreRewind.com –

Hyper- storage case.
The hyper- storage case. You can carry up to eight houses, parts and yo-yo. Can be changed as desired number and arrangement of stalls cushion.
Can be used as a shoulder bag comes with a strap. (Strap can be removed easy.)
Yo, parts and other ※ The set is not included.
※ enters up to 14 yo. (If you put all the cushions off vertically in stalls. Into a different number depending on the yo-yo.)
Size: approx 27cm x 22cm x 7cm

>> YoYoStoreRewind

2010 – The Season of Jensen Kimmitt

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Jensen switched sponsors in March from CLYW based in Canada to the Arizona based company YoYoFactory

Written by Chris Allen

Jensen Kittmitt won the 2010 World Yo-Yo Contest.  This is news that everyone already knows.  There is something more amazing that just Jensen’s World Yo-Yo Contest win.  A fact that I don’t think enough people either don’t know or just are not talking about.  Here it is:

Jensen Kimmitt had a “Perfect Year”

In the 2010 season (Which starts after WYYC in August),  Jensen competed in 7 contests all over the world.  From giant invitation only contests like 44 Clash competition in Japan, to the smaller California State Yo-Yo Championship in Sacramento, Jensen competed in 7 championship level contests and took every single one of them.

So what does this mean?  Basically, the Canadian citizen Jensen Kimmitt is the simply the Undisputed 2010 Yo-Yo Champion.  Every contest he attended he conquered.   You would think that a champion of this magnitude would be cocky or arrogant, but having met Jensen on multiple occasions, shared talks of industry directions over pizza, and exchanged correspondence helping him promote his Canadian Web Store ModernYoYoing.com, I can say without a doubt that Jensen is one of the most humble, easy going, and approachable yoyo professionals currently in the competition circuit.

I have collected all of Jensen’s freestyles from the 2010 season, most in High Definition, for your viewing pleasure after the jump.

Professional competitive World Champion Yo-Yoer, self starter business man, part time illustrator, bogarder of Parmesan cheese…..  and heck of a nice guy, here is a look back at Jensen Kimmitts 2010 “Perfect Season”

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Duncan Drifter

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A Member of the YoYoNation.com forum posted this up. Its the first time I have seen pictures of the undersized FHZ.
Here is what Brandon Jackson had to say.

It’s a new plastic model that is similar to the FH Zero, but is a smaller diameter different shape. The caps are also smaller and will be used in several new screaming eagle models. It will come stock with recessed silicone stickers.

We are still in prototyping phase for this model. Once we get it perfect, it’ll go into production.

The graphic/logo DOES NOT look like the image in the post/2010 catalog.

Pricepoint: $15-17ish

How the YoYoFactory Loop 900 works

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There is some confusion to how the Loop 900 works. It does not move the spacer, it moved the axle nut which makes the gap thinner or wider.
What really matters is that YoYoFactory has delivered on one of the most genius axle systems I have ever seen. This is the culmination of adjustable gap. The Loop 900 is amazing. It is exactly what I have been looking for in a 2a yo-yo and is the tool I need to work on my 2a skills.
Thank you YoYoFactory

YoYo Experiments Episode 3 – Paint by Yo-Yo

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Inspired by OkGo, Jackson Pollock, and pizza that was one day too old.
This yo-yo experiment has had me buzzing for the last 2 weeks.
A HUGE thank you to YoYoGuy.com who donated 4 Clear FHZ’s and Mariano Blaco who sent me 2.
6 Clear FHZ’s, Paint, Canvas, and FINALLY a day without wind or rain.

Paint by YoYo – Yo-Yo Experiments – Episode 3

And the Stills if you are interested:

YoYoSkills.com Tutorial – “c-cow-b”

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There have been a few requests for a Tut for this trick.

I created this trick a few months ago.

c-cow-b stands for Crazy Corkscrew Opens Wine Bottle, which was the name that my editor on YoYoSkills.com gave it when I showed him.

Ed Haponik helped be shorten it to c-cow-b.

Have fun.

Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen

Yo-Yo Experiments – Episode 2 – Pre-Washed

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Doctor Popular is an insanely inspirational guy. His trick style “Washing Machine” is one of my favorites. In my Idea Notebook is a note I scrawled at 3am about two month ago that says “Pre-Washed String” sitting on a page all by itself.

I kept the page empty because when I woke up, I had no idea what it meant.  About three weeks ago I was drinking some Diet Dr. Pepper and playing Dig-Dug on my stand up arcade and suddenly the meaning of “Pre-Washed String” rushed back to me.  About six or seven attempts at making the string, and a few days of practice, and the Pre-Washed idea came to fruition.

I took a spool of pre-twisted cotton/poly blend, tied a three inch loop in the end, and then twisted it like you would a regular yo-yo string.

Here is the result.

Yo-Yo Experiments – Point of View

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I get these crazy ideas. I keep a notebook on my nightstand, and with me most of the time because I never know what will inspire a random idea.
About 6 months ago, I wondered what it would be like see the world as a yo-yo does. I started to look for small, wireless, battery driven cameras.
As I was searching, I was formulating in my head how I would attach the camera to a yo-yo. It would have to move independently, so I would need hubstacks. I would have to balance it by matching the weight on the opposite side to prevent to much tilting. I would most likely have to pull start, and frequently stabilize the camera.
Two weeks ago I found a killer deal in Hong Kong for a spycam housed inside a pen. I jumped at it. It came in the mail today, and this video, a yo-yo experiment, was the result.

Call for Action – Cleveland Yo-Yo Club Robbed

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This makes me sick. Thievery is completely opposite of what yo-yoing is supposed to represent, and it takes a special kind of human being to rob a city club right before the holiday. By “special human” I really mean a soulless cylon monster so off the evolutionary scale they never grew a conscience, or a backbone.  It is terrible to do this anytime of year, but what [CENSORED] does this right before Christmas…

The Cleveland Yo-Yo Club got broken in to sometime last night, and they picked us clean. Looks like we lost about $1400 worth of yo-yo inventory and supplies.

If anyone has any information, or sees anyone in Cleveland or from Cleveland trying to move brand new Velocityes, Grind Machines, Protostars, or other new-in-box Yo-Yo Factory stuff, please let us know IMMEDIATELY.
-Steve Brown

I want to go one step furthur. I asked Steve for a Club Paypal address. I am not made of money but will donate what I can. YoYoSkills.com gets around 4000 unique visits a day, so if 1/4th of us give 1 dollar than we can help make up some of what the Cleveland Yo-Yo Club lost. I would not normally approach my readers in this way, and I don’t like asking for handouts especially this time of year, but the best thing about the yo-yo community is that we back each other up and the Cleveland Yo-Yo Club needs our help.  With your support, the Cleveland Yo-Yo Club can get back up and running after last nights robbery.

You can send donations to us via PayPal at unklesteve@gmail.com. Fast Donate button below. Please make sure they mark it as “CYYC DONATION”

The goal is to replace the lost yo-yo’s, and replace the glass door that was destroyed when the robbers broke in.  Any donation money above and beyond what the club needs to get back on the level will be used to purchase low-end yo-yos to give away in our outreach programs to local YMCA chapters.

I have asked Steve to keep YoYoskills.com in the loop so we know how the donations are coming.

You can use a debit or visa card to donate via paypal, no account needed.

And a private note to the thieves.  If you are reading this, and if you are yo-yoers then you might be, I want you to know that you are lower than low.  You are lower than the white crud that forms at the corners of your mouth when you are parched.  You are lower than the microbial waste that collects in eye mucus.  You should be ashamed of yourself.
I would love everyone to use the share button below and get this out there so we can help the Cleveland Yo-Yo Club recover.

3rd Annual Paris Yo-Yo Contest

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YoYoSkills Team Memeber Xela asked me to share this with you

Dear friends and yoyo players
You are kindly invited to the 3rd Paris yoyo contest ,
taking place in Paris,  France on Nov 28th.
Entry fee is free for international players

1A and X div
sports ladder and fast challenge

The venue is located in central paris
just near the “Beaubourg” area

we’ll host 2 international players :
Krisztian Kaluzsa (Hungary)

and Jensen Kimmit(CA)

You are all welcome to come and join us!

contact : fyya@free.fr

france yoyo