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So You want to Make Money Yo-yoing

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“I’m going to be a Professional Yo-yoer for a living…sort of, kind of…maybe?”

So what does it mean to be a professional Yo-yoer?  Is it possible to make this a full time job?  If I work really hard, with there be fame and riches awaiting me?

Um…no.  Take note: the world champion gets what, 500 dollars?  There isn’t a lot of money to be made as a yo-yoer.  For the rare few it can be a career, mostly those that make yoyos, or are spectacular entertainers and business managers.

Very few of us have what it takes to be John Higby.

For the rest, the yo-yo is a fun hobby that gives you a skill and social group to relate to.

But fear not!  While you probably aren’t going to make a living yo-yoing, you can make enough money to get that new yoyo you wanted, or help pay your way to nationals, or worlds, or that trip to Vancouver to meet me.  Because I know that’s everyone’s dream.  Here are a few ways to scare up some pocket change:
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The folks at Terra Kendama made a wood yoyo??

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I spotted this on /r/throwers on the reddits. Apparently the guys over at Terra Kendama tried out making an unresponsive wooden yoyo with what looks like a large bearing and .555 pads. Groovy.

Terra Wood Yoyo

In case you haven’t caught the kendama bug yet, Terra Kendama is the company behind the Pill, and easily the best kendamas I’ve played so far. Opinions on kendamas vary wildly, and my experience with them is admittedly limited, but I seriously doubt anyone would argue with their woodworking abilities on a purely objective level. Terra Kendama has said nothing past simply posting the picture with the most simple of titles “Handmade Unresponsive Wooden Yoyo”, so who knows if they were just playing around or if they plan on making the leap to having a few yoyos.

I can only speak for me, but if they do make some, they’re probably going to be really good. What do you guys think?

So You Want to Start a Yo-yo Club…

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Doc’s Note:  I am happy to introduce Jeremy “Mr. Yoyothrower” Meugens from www.MrYoYoThrower.com. Jeremy is a great writer and a long time yo-yoer dedicated to his local Vancouver skill toy community, a school teacher, and an all around good guy.  Today we try out a new column called “So You Want To….”  which will… well I think you get it.  Enjoy!

- Doc

Ack!  How I start a yoyo club???

There are 3 things you need.  Time, time, and…time!

Yo-yoers are much like cats.  It’s easy to catch their attention, not so much to get them to keep coming back.  To have a successful club, you need a location, and someone to be there, at a specific time, on a regular and consistent basis.  If you love to yoyo, and want to find some yo-yoer friends, then this needs to be you!  Once you have that, finding (or creating) yo-yoers, and building a community of them becomes simple.

Location can be tricky.  I’m going to use the Vancouver club as an example, as it is what I have experience with it.  When I joined the club there were three or four guys that met once a month or so in a local mall.  I joined up, and in the exuberance of learning a new skill started pushing for weekly meets.  This caused a problem: mall security didn’t agree with our agenda.  Luckily I found a kind-hearted mall cop who suggested I go talk to mall management and see if I could work out a deal.  I did, and, we did!  We had achieved a steady time and position, which made it possible to tell anyone we spotted with a yoyo  to “come to the club, we meet every Saturday”.  Every Saturday for 2 years I appeared at said time in said location to maintain our presence and be there for the club. It may sound like a lot of responsibility, but really it was a blast.

If your local mall doesn’t have agreeable management, or it’s the case that you don’t really dig on throwing your-yo in a mall, take a look around your community.  If your mind is drawing a blank, here are just a few starter ideas:

-A member’s house,

-Sometimes elementary schools will let you use their gym (say hello to increased membership by welcoming the students)

-Community rec centers (again, offer demos or lessons)

-Undercover parking garages

-The empty bandstand in the park

-Local toy stores  (offer a weekly demo for customers)

-The covered area near the local skate park (skaters and yo-yoers are a good crossover, but you may run into issues with language if you draw younger kids)

As you can tell, for a hobby like yo-yoing there are more than a few potential locations, something I need to keep in mind as currently the Vancouver club is between venues. Our amicably managed mall is under construction.  In the meanwhile we are meeting in a park, but I’m hunting for a new location which will be more suitable when summer is over and rain season begins anew.

A final note on location, some venues have liability concerns; offer to sign a waiver.  If they don’t have one, message me, I’ll forward you the one we use.

Location and time accomplished? Excellent, next spread the word.

Facebook, forums and poster in public libraries inviting people to join are a great places to start.  By hunting around dollar stores, you will find at one that carries yo-yos that beginners can cut their teeth on which aren’t complete garbage.  Buy twenty, and then go hang out in a park and invite people to come try.  At this point you can give your dollar store yo-yos away, sell them (if the city by-laws allow it), or tell people where to buy them.

It’s the twenty first century and your new friends probably have access to the internet, so if you find yourself with some keeners, print off cards with links to  information about your club and a site to learn beginner tricks (www.mryoyothrower.com, hint hint).  If you want to be fancy, there are plenty of online sites that will print you business cards for free (plus cost of shipping), or just print on regular paper, cut them out, and glue them to construction paper.

A few things that the Vancouver Club has done to build its yo-yo community are:

Attending local Farmer’s Markets: If you talk to the management and offer to come entertain for free, the are usually happy to let you. I have never left a market with less than ten people who are over the top excited about the prospect of learning to yoyo.  Often the markets will offer to pay you, or let you sell your beginner yoyos.

Starting them young: If you have free time during the week, start talking to Elementary Schools and offer to come in and do a demo, or run a lunch time club.  This worked beautifully for the Vancouver Club.

Go where there are already communities, make them your own: Offer to do a demo at local community centres, cultural centres, after school care centres, churches, and just about anywhere else that people come together. Most of these types of places are desperate for events, I’ve even received the occasional bit of money as a thank you for doing this.

The best ‘trick’ of all: Carry a beginner yoyo with you everywhere and let people try it out, isn’t that how you started?

It can be hugely rewarding to build up a yoyo club.  Having somewhere to go on a weekly basis where you are surrounded by people smiling, having fun and being positive is a wonderful thing.  Its a good feeling to think you helped create this community of hobbyists.   It’s also a fair bit of work, but then most things worth doing are.


-Mr. Yoyothrower

Obligatory World Yo-Yo Contest post – LIVE STREAM + TWEETS #WYYC

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#WYYC or #WYYC2013

Since 2009 YoYoSkills.com has covered the World Yo-Yo Contest.  This weekend will be no different.  The World Yo-Yo Contest begins August 8th and goes through Saturday August 10th.  YoYoers from all over the world will be in attendance and yo-yo companies will be showing off new products. I wish I was there, and one day perhaps I will be.
Hit the jump below, this post will stay on top of the blog until Saturday Night
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Introducing: Bareknuckle YoYos and the 50 Cal

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Bareknuckle YoYos is a new yoyo startup from Matthew Marie that is coming to the World Yo-Yo Contest! Their first yo-yo is the 50 Cal which you can see in action above. The images on the Facebook page of the yo-yo will be a bit different than what is below, but I DO have the final specs.

Height: 60.96 mm
Width: 38.1 mm
Weight: 70 Grams

Looking good! Matthew will have a few at Worlds, and he is pre-selling them on the Bareknuckle facebook page.

Mr. J Review: CLYW Puffin

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I’m back with a long overdue review. It’s been a long time since I have reviewed a yoyo, modded or other wise. So it feels good to get back into the swing of things. Today I’m reviewing the new CLYW Puffin. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding this yoyo but no real review. Well, today I give you a real review of the Puffin.
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One Drop Chik

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One Drop Yo-Yos has officially announced their newest yo-yo, the Chik!

Source: One Drop’s Facebook page

We are proud to announce the signature yoyo of Igor Korzhev: the Chik!

When we asked Igor what he wanted for his signature yoyo, he gave us
the following criteria:

*Similar to the Burnside
*Add Side Effects and ship with spikes
*Make it lighter
*Add some Projection Profile grooves
*Competition ready

This is now our largest diameter Side Effect yoyo. The Projection
Profile was placed in the middle facet of the catch zone – just in the
correct spot for finger grinds. The play is stable and smooth.

Base Weight (two halves, response pad, bearing): 62.8 grams
Weight with aluminum Spike Side Effects: 66 grams
Width: 41.7mm
Diameter: 56.8mm

Releasing soon.

Casa De Allen x YYSxYYF (Allen, Benharris, Severance, Owens III)

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YoYoFactory legends Tyler Severance and Harold Owens the III came over for dinner last Friday during their post BAC Roseville tour. With Dylan living here now, we thought it would fun to do a three camera video. Hope you enjoy. (and yes, I know that old man Allen is seriously out trick classed here… haha)

The song BTW is a killer mashup on the Bootleggers Soundcloud channel.

Flo Rida vs fun. vs Ellie Goulding vs Red Hot Chili Peppers

Friday Night PRE-BAC Pizza Party!

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Want a chance to win a One Drop Dang or Anti-Yo Bapezilla for only $10?  Check it out.


Friday Night PRE-BAC Pizza Party!


Pre-BAC Pizza Party from 5:00 – 7:00 PM!

A Secret Unreleased YoYo ($20 Value) for only $10! 1 in 10 bags will be secretly filled with yoyo’s from our sponsors like the One Drop Dang, Anti-Yo Bapezilla and many more!

Join us at Pizza Inferno!
1800 Fillmore St San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 775-1800

You will FOR SURE get a new yo-yo with a retail value at $20, but also a very good shot (1 in 20) of a much more expensive yo-yo, all for only $10.  Oh, and pizza also….   free pizza….  and knowing JD, Hi Chew also. If I were able to make it, I would be all over this.

via Friday Night PRE-BAC Pizza Party! | Bay Area Classic YoYo Contest.

THROW! – Coming to YoYoExpert at 2012 NATS

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The goal is simple. Get to 100 points before your opponent does. Before you start collecting trick points, you need to play a Throw card. You collect points by finalizing your trick. You can finalize after one point card, or many. It all depends on what you are willing to risk!
Game Details –
- 70 Cards – Two players for each deck
- Game designed by Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen
- Illustration by Jason Week
- $25
- Available at YoYoExpert after the 2012 National Yo-Yo Contest
- First Release at the National Yo-Yo Contest on October 6th at the YoYoExpert table!


Music -
Penny Arcade
by Mr. Bear

Throw – The YoYo Themed Card Game

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For the last year year and a half (since March 2011) or so I have been developing the game “Throw”.  This is a self contained card game (think Munchkin) for 2-4 players.  Jason Week has been commissioned to do the art on the card faces and they look great! This was my sample print and it turned out so well I decided to announce the game a bit earlier than I intended to.  The logo on the back is temporary, and once the logo is complete the Beta run will be ordered.  Beta test sets are being sent out to a few key people (Not accepting testers at this time), and once testing is complete, Throw will be available for retail purchase.


Very very excited!

Demo video of the game in action will come in the next few weeks.

Yo-Yo Adventure Teaser ft. 8-bit Humphrey

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Yo-Yo Adventure Teaser ft. 8-bit Humphrey

This may not seem like a huge deal but I felt a real sense of accomplishment with how far it has come. I have been messing around with game creation for a while now and not really getting anywhere. I have always wanted to get into game design. I have dabbled a bit here and there but never really got serious. The last few days I dove deep again and started teaching myself the basics and this is the result. It is very very basic and just a teaser at this point, but someday I hope to make it an actual yo-yo themed adventure game.
Who better to be the Hero in our YoYoSkills adventure than 8-bit Humphrey the 2011 Cal States mascot!

Music by Doc Pop
- Amazon link for Doc Pop’s Album