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ILYY Rocket at YoYoExpert!

I am pretty sure that YoYoExpert is the first to drop the newly redesigned ILYY Rocket here in the states. I reviewed the ILYY Rocket a while ago (A prototype) and lived it.  Don’t Forget the awesome YYE Collectors Cards you will get with this if you get it from YoYoExpert.com $129.99.

YoYoExpert Yo-Yo Trading Card Promotion

This is a pretty cool idea.  Imagine a giant trading card set for yoyoers that cross multiple brands! For a limited time only and while supplies last you could win one of 32 prizes including gift certificates up to $100 at YoYoExpert! These professional trading cards showcase 28 amazing players representing 6 elite manufacturers. There…

Discounted CLYW Bassalopes at YoYoExpert

Photos by Natasha Paterson These yoyos will be available at YoYoExpert and our store for $90each, but only the ice blue ones will be available at YoYoExpert.  The first launch will be at our store starting tonight at 11pm mountain standard time. Unfortunately there is a small issue with the Bassalopes we received with this run.  Some…

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