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Casa De Allen x YYSxYYF (Allen, Benharris, Severance, Owens III)

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YoYoFactory legends Tyler Severance and Harold Owens the III came over for dinner last Friday during their post BAC Roseville tour. With Dylan living here now, we thought it would fun to do a three camera video. Hope you enjoy. (and yes, I know that old man Allen is seriously out trick classed here… haha)

The song BTW is a killer mashup on the Bootleggers Soundcloud channel.

Flo Rida vs fun. vs Ellie Goulding vs Red Hot Chili Peppers

Zammy x YYF x YYE Collab – You know, for kids!

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So earlier today, YoYoFactory posted this on their Facebook page

Which, if you know the history of the people involved seemed very very unlikely. Quickly dismissed as an April fools joke, YoYoExpert then chimed in with promises of a ZammyxYYF collab drop, complete with countdown timer. As the day went on, it was clear that Zammy, YYE, and YYF were up to something, but what that would be was still unclear. At 6pm EST, the countdown ended and the mystery was revealed.

The signature yo-yo of Daniel “Zammy” Ickler has arrived in the form of the ‘Soul Doubt’! A very limited and exclusive (one time only) version of the Dv888 for a cause!

Why you might ask? Is this yo-yo just an elaborate April Fools Joke?! Absolutely not! The idea here is a simple one. Zammy is an amazing player with a big heart. In the past he has run the Yoyodrive raising money during the holiday season. YoYoFactory and Zammy decided what better then produce a limited yo-yo in his honor and help support a good cause.

Only TEN Soul Doubt have been made available for sale at $50 (each are individually numbered) and ALL proceeds (that is $500 total) are being donated to a charity that is close to Zammy’s heart. The Children’s Miracle Network. Zammy plans to personally hand deliver the check himself at a hospital in his area!

This custom Dv888 features the awesome Soul Doubt logo engraving, Zammy signature, and his ‘~Z’ logo on the rim.

This is all real and proof that we live in an amazing community of people doing good things with what they love.Back OrderYYF_SOULDOUBT

10 pieces, extremly limited, and 100% going to a needy charity. Good on you guys. A great “Anit Joke” on a very fun day. YoYoFactory, YoYoExpert, and Zammy, my hat goes off to you. This is will be $500 to a charity that really needs it.

YoYoFactory Ricochet – UPDATED

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From YoYoNews.com

YoYoNews.com has some info on the very news elusive YoYoFactory Ricochet. I saw this at Cal States but was told “No Photos please”. I have only seen bits and pieces of the Ricochet on the YoYoFactory Facebook but André Boulay’s YoYoNews.com seems to have the scoop.

A few highlights that we know:

  • Titanium
  • Awesome packaging
  • $200 – $230
  • Drops March 13th 17th (YoYoExpert probably)

Ge get the full write up over at YoYoNews


YoYoFactory posted this in their Facebook page:

When we set out to design the Ricochet we wanted to make a classic. The material is Titanium. Known for it’s superior strength and luster. The performance is in the play, not in a complicated shape. A modern classic, for the players of today and the future.

Not only does Titanium have a low density, it’s very strong. It’s naturally lustrous and is recognized for its high strength-to-weight ratio which gives us the ability to have less weight in the wall, and more where it counts, on the rim. Traditionally it is used in aerospace products such as airplane wing supports and jet engines, as well as in armor plating. It also has a ‘feel’ unlike anything else you can make a yoyo from. It feels special because it is special. So special in fact, we numbered every yo-yo. 1 of 500.

Only one question remains…. Would you take advantage of the ability to throw sparks when you Walk the Dog or covet it, in its’ display case?

YoYoFactory Champions Wave 2

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Something I noticed when looking at this picture

The H.O.T which is Harold Owens III’s new signature yo-yo

and Tyler Severence’s Severe but this version looks like it may be delrin or celcon

Supposed to hit stores in December

Seen at Worlds – YoYoFactory Loop 1080 Proto? (Shu’s Sig)

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This was on the YoYoFactory Facebook. This is Shu (new 2a Champion) Takada’s new signature yoyo.

Alright, so I am going ot make some guesses here.  It looks like this proto has a simular setup as the extremely popular Hyper Cluster line over in Japan.  Could YoYoFactory be working to bring Hyper Cluster-esc yoyos? I would be willing to bet that YYF had a hand in the tech behind the Hyper Cluster yoyos so it would make sense.  DISCLAIMER – All a guess