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Recess Intl #yoyoskills

Recess Intl #yoyoskills

So… the Big News of Tyler Severance severing his tie with yoyofactory (2 points for terrible pun) I wrote an article not too long ago about how signature yoyo’s seemed to be in abundance. Tyler Severance has more signature models than I can count with yoyofactory, so they’ll no doubt feel his loss. They will…


Charitable Cause

Andreas G. Nie is trying to raise some money for a charitable cause. Last year, it was the Jenny Project Yelets, this time around it’s the Soul Doubt by YYF x Zammy. You probably know the story behind this yoyo, otherwise you can watch the interview he did with Zammy in his latest episode of…


YYF DOGMA #yoyoskills

From YoYoFactory: “We are proud to realease the Signature yoyo of Igor Galiev, the 3 time Russian National Champion! Made in USA and designed by Kentaro of Turning Point, the Dogma will quickly rise to the top as a favorite! Stock with a Center Trac bearing, this yoyo will not only play great on stage,…



If you’ll all remember a few years back YoYoFactory tried to release the replay. Or…maybe they did a small release? Can’t remember. It had some problems, as we know. They came out with the ONE shortly there after and that kinda changed the name of the game a little bit. $10 for a playable yoyo?…