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YoYoFactory West Coast Tour – Jan 12-26

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YoYoFactory is organizing a 2 week long promotion of school shows, workshops and retail appearances leading up to the Southern California YoYo Contest on January 26th.

The schedule for the tour has not been announced yet.

I have also agreed that the winner of the 1a and Open division for the SoCal contest will get a seed in the upcoming California State Championship set for March 2nd in Sacramento. Not only will they get a seed, they will have their entry fees taken care of.

Here is the Facebook link for the SoCal contest.

YoYoRadio Contest – Submit by June 15th

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If you missed YoYoRadio this last Thursday, shame on you (ok, I missed it too.  You can listen to it HERE)

Joe and his co-host Tom announced a contest:

As mentioned on last week’s show, you can win a YoYoFactory Super G – thanks to YoYoFactory – all you have to do is post a picture on the YoYoRadio wall of yourself jumping over your yo-yo. Keep in mind that if you hurt yourself, it’s your own fault, and that it’s entirely up to YoYoFactory Ben who wins and why they win. The photo must be posted by the end of the day on Wednesday, June 15th.

Also, co-host Tom Uleau has offered anything from the catalog of Killer Duck Decals to one person who posts a picture of themselves causing bodily harm to Joe Mitchell’s picture. Not to Joe Mitchell, mind you, but a photo of Joe Mitchell. This pic should also be posted by June 15th.


Remember, you MUST POST YOUR ENTRY ON THE YOYORADIO FACEBOOK WALL.  Here are my entries. I SWEAR they aren’t shopped. (go easy on my, my back still hurts from the car accident)

Taken from my mansion balcony I built with toothpicks and a match book

Joe gets my "Danger" left. He doesn't want my "Nuclear" right...


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Not fat, just big boned

I had previously reported that the Aoda Miracle was re-branded as a YYF SUPERWIDE. I was basing this of reports from the field and what I thought was a conformation statement on Facebook. After having the Miracle for a day I no longer think so. It felt to heavy and made me investigate more…..

The Miracle I have from Aoda is:

  • WIDTH – (2 3/8) inches = 60.3 mm
  • DIAMETER – (2 1/16) inches = 52.3 mm
  • Weight – 72.3 Grams

Anyone want to check my math?

The YYF Superwide is:

  • WIDTH –  56.6 mm
  • DIAMETER – 52.9 mm
  • Weight – 67.9 Grams

If anything, the Superwide is a Miracle who hit the treadmill and slimmed up.

So it looks like the SUPERWIDE (which was  a Chinese yo-yo developed for YYF) and the Aoda Miracle are not the same yo-yo.  They look very similar and the SUPERWIDE is “likely” made by the same people as the Miracle, but is not the exact same yo-yo.  I don’t know for sure, so this is pure speculation, but I am willing to bet that Aoda reworked the weight for YYF before licensing (optioning) it to YoYoFactory.

Too Long: Didn’t Read? – Those picking up a Aoda Miracle overseas expecting it to be a YYF SUPERWIDE are going to be disappointed.

Tuesday “After the Jump” Video

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After the Jump Yo-Yo Videos

Welcome to our regular bi-weekly feature called “After the Jump Yo-Yo Videos ” where great yo-yo video’s thoughout the week will be collected and shown in one big post.

After the Jump

  • YoYo Player’s Introduction VOL.10 「Kohta Watanabe」
  • Plants by Alexis Jancorda-Vadnais
  • Shorts
  • Anthony Martinez 2010 Trailer
  • Golden by Arthur
  • hach.attack from Paul Dang
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    Tuesdays “After the Jump” Yo-Yo Videos

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    After the Jump Yo-Yo Videos

    Welcome to our regular bi-weekly feature called “After the Jump Yo-Yo Videos ” where great yo-yo video’s thoughout the week will be collected and shown in one big post.

    After the Jump

  • Duncan Heritage Tour Chapter 7
  • Foxland Precision Thunderwasp Promo
  • YYF – Vashek – nanda k*nda
  • Studio Test – Aron Bendet
  • Team Chubby Lovin': The Men You’ll Grow to Love (Featuring Steve Brown)
  • Thomas Pierson-Fall 2010
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    Product Review – The 2010 Severe by YoYoFactory

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    Tyler Severence is a beast. If you ask any yoyoer to name 5 competition yoyoers, there is a very high chance you will hear the name Tyler Severence. Tyler won both the 2007 US Nationals and Worlds 5a division using a Duncan Freehand Zero. He has been on the SaveDeth team, represented Spyy, and in the last year and a half, YoYoFactory. He is considered to be an expert in at least three competition divisions and one of the best in the world at 5A. The kid can yo-yo, and he knows his yoyos. When Tyler started with YoYoFactory, a signature yo-yo was quickly produced. The Severe was a great yo-yo with a killer look. For the 2010 season, Tyler and Ben redesigned the Severe. They were not looking to make a different design, but instead create a better version of the 09 Severe while staying with Tyler’s play style. The Severe 2010 was released. YoYoFactory sent me a box of goodies for review, and this one immediately jumped out at me. Look at it; how can you resist drooling?
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    Product Review – YoYoFactory StarLite

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    Many of you won’t remember this, but back in the late 90’s, glow in the dark stuff was all the rage. You weren’t living unless you had GITD sunglasses, GITD show laces, GITD nail polish, or GITD clothing. That’s right, entire lines of clothing that glow in the dark. I used to work for a store called Dapy. It sold random toys, laser junk, and yoyos. Dapy had a sister store in the same mall called Glow. Sometimes I had to cover shifts there. The entire store was nothing but GITD products. A lot of the GITD items made me scratch my head, For example, what is the function of a GITD Flashlight? Well if you wanted one, this was the store to do it. Glow had yoyos also, and yes, they all were GITD. Yomega Raiders, Fireballs and Duncan Imperials. Since this was the same time as the last yo-yo boom, the GITD Raiders were all the rage. There have been a few GITD version yoyos here and there since then, and now YoYoFactory has made the StarLite, the GITD, all-plastic model of the popular Protostar. I was lucky enough to have one appear on my doorstep a few weeks ago and it has had me glowing in anticipation (seewhatididthar). This week, YoYoSkills.com reviews the YoYoFactory StarLite.

    This video makes me feel like Green Lantern…….  or… CHARGIN’ MAH LAZERRRR

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